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        เว็บพนันออนไลน์ฟรีเครดิต 2023

        This is your student

        Your National & Provincial Students’ Union

        With more than 530,000 members at 65 students’ unions across Canada, the Canadian Federation of Students is the voice of post-secondary education in the country. Manitoba’s five member locals unite over 45,000 full - and part - time students.

        Our Federation represents domestic and international students at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels, including full- and part-time students.

        Campaigns & Events

        Education For AllEducation For All

        Education For All

        Education for All means a more affordable, accessible, high quality, publicly-funded post-secondary education system in Canada; a system that is ready to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.

        It is imperative that students continue to push for affordable, accessible, publicly funded and high-quality post-secondary education. An educated population drives the economy, spurs innovation and creates stable, dynamic and just communities. Learn more about our calls for Education For All!

        Healthcare For AllHealthcare For All

        Healthcare For All

        The government removed international students and their dependents from accessing public healthcare in Manitoba. The change took effect in September 2018 with no consultation from students.

        The Canadian Federation of Students fundamentally believes both education and healthcare are a public good and a human right that should remain accessible for whoever needs them, regardless of their origin. Take action to support International Student Healthcare and Healthcare for ALL!

        SKILLS WorkshopSKILLS Workshop

        SKILLS Workshop

        Every year as part of our campaign to empower our members at large, elected directors and student union executives we organize a series of workshops based on important topics identified to us by our membership. These include sessions around skills, campaigns and advocacy. Follow our Instagram for the latest info on upcoming SKILLS events!

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        Member Benefits

        Free Intl. Student Identity Card
        Handbook and Day Planners
        Ethical Purchasing Network
        Free Tax Filing + More
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